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music is polarizing between over and under stimulation.
how can you not love?

matias aguayo / are you really lost / kompakt

The long awaited and anticipated release by Matias Aguayo has finally arrived. Matias Aguayo formally known as the singer of Closer Musik surprises us with Are You Really Lost by creating a blissful album of beautiful liquid sexiness. Aguayo crackles and pops our cherries with exciting new dirty disco pop. "New Life," has not been able to leave my playlist. Aguayo's tracks are compelling and varied giving us tastes of throbbing bouncy bass line clusters while smokeing us out warm and gloomy grittiness.
listen: de papel
listen: so in love

jan jelinek / kosmischer pitch / ~scape

Jan Jelinek's Kosmischer Pitch is an album of gradual exploration. There are healthy portions of the sophisticated edge of pre-millennium micro/clicks and cuts-era music but with an organic, quietly majestic Krautrock flavor. Explored here are the concepts of time sense alteration through repetition without being too clinical or cynical; the ride is gentle, beautiful and moving. This album is a slow burner: One that will grow on you as it opens with multiple listens. Fans of Jelinek's many high-quality albums will be very pleasantly surprised.
listen: morphing leadgitarre ruckwarts
listen: im diskodickicht

various / the post piano open remix project / 12k - download the album

various / rhythm & sound - see mi ya / basic channel
If you don't like raggae then perhaps this is the album that will change your mind.
download the album

bit rock alumnae / london / oct. 21st

New emerging Toronto artists spread their love by sharing their talents with the less fortunate cities of the south. Prhizzm, Minisystem and B. Kawula packed Alex P. Keatons, this small warm little pub style restaurant in London Ontario on October 21st. Prhizzm, signed to Scottish label Benbecula Records, Minisystem who will be the next exciting release on Noise Factory Records in 2006, and B. Kawula who entertained Mutek goers last June are some of the brightest new stars to hit the local electronic music scene. If you haven't heard them, start paying attention now.